Are we living an illusion? — A state of mind, with the corona pandemic.

Difference between, we and all is the source of charging out what a community will be and what they want to be.

We, being telling of who we are, all, as the collective society we bring out on who are we and what we do.

It baffles me, with all the rumble and trips and turns in this corona situation, in the world of turmoil and change, how it has made a turn, on societies norms that we general abided by as being the systematic way of life.

I was sat down from a long days of work early June, self-isolating in my apartment, gazing and contemplating on the idea that the government of Tanzania had announced and declared the country “corona free.” Stating “Hamna Corona” being that there is no corona in this country. How can it be?

It may be skeptic but, from the various types of things happening in the world, sometimes knowing, is not only because you read it, it may be from an inner thought that progresses within the placement of your intuition.

Since that announcement, communities in Tanzania, are still cautious, taking any measures they can, with the placement of water and soap, hand sanitizers at schools, less students rotating during lunch times and some businesses working from home.

From there initiation, the application of this mindset merely was made to ensure that individuals and societies maintain their source of income, continue moving the business in the country and keep being healthy, without having to isolate and impact the anxiety of having to stay home, which leaves you in a turmoil of being mentally discomforted.

With that, it has been a normal country, still functioning and running the way it should be, but only slightly slower.

Its odd to place this as a position of what coronas worth may be, has it only been a flu of a mindset? Why is it that the cases keep increasing daily, due to having contact with someone, attending a crowded event or even eating on an infected table?

It is the irony of it, we all live in panic mode, making sure that we are all abiding to rules out of fear, ensuring we are following all terms, instead of finding ways to get out of it. We begin to dwell on every move we make, every person we meet and reconsider multiple things before doing them.

It has become a new formed mindset, a new perception that we find as an illusion of searching for that rush of support and making it seem tangible to us and others.

However, how is it that the placement of no rules and the construction of forming a unity in portraying society as a one division that is not abided to this new virus, actually safe?

Why is that the corona cases have not increased or there have not been several hospitalized people in Tanzania for it?

Does it all have to do with the perception of the mind? The progression of how we think and how it is processed?

Is it fundamentally based on the overthinking of it, that has acquired us to allow the expansion of this virus to absorb inwards to our societies?

Confusion as it hits, truth as it may be, sometimes as humans the initial forward thinking too finding, may only be from the portrayal of how we think of it and how we process it and send that message to our bodies.

Graduate from the American University in Dubai, studied Media Communications with a major in Journalism.